Water Treatment Chemicals

Cooling Tower Water Treatment


1. AquaBio for Bioside

"AquaBio" is a unique BioSide for cooling tower water treatment. its remove algee and biofilms on cooling tower wall finns and grills.
Its increase heat transfer ratio, Corrosion ratio etc.
Its give results on higher pH value.

2. AquaBreath for Anti-Corrosive and  Anti Scaling

"AquaBreath"  is  an  organic  blend  of  antiscalants  and  polymeric  dispersants to  provide  excellent  control  over  mineral  foulant  in  industrial  cooling  water system.  Besides  preventing  scale  formation  and  deposition,  it  also  helps remove  existing  scales,  when  used  under  specified  contains.  It  provides excellent  control  over  iron  fouling.  The  product exhibits  excellent  inhibitors  of phosphate  and  carbonate  salts.  It  enables  dispersion  of  all  insoluble particulate  matter  like  clay,  mud,  slit  etc.  and  helps  to  keep  heat  transfer surface  clean  and  deposit  free.  It  contains  specific  yellow  metal  corrosion inhibitor  that  has  excellent  stability.  It  is  effective  over  a  wide  range  of  pH.  It affords total control over corrosion, scaling and non-biological fouling.

Boiler Water Treatment



DYMAX-3000 is a catalyzed oxygen scavenger in powder form. It is a blend of inorganic  salt  (SO2  contain)  and  a  catalyst.  It  is  recommended  for  the  rapid and complete removal of dissolved oxygen from boiler feed water. DYMAX-3000 reacts  with  oxygen  to  produce  inorganic  salt,  which  contributes  to  the dissolved solids in boiler, feed water.


DYMAX-3222  is  a  solid  blend  of  an  anti-scalant  and  an  oxygen  scavenger  in powder  form,  designed  for  the  treatment  of  boiler  feedwater  used  in  coil  type boilers.  It  contains  an  anti-scalant  to  reduce  deposition  of  calcium  and  iron compounds in coils.

RO Water Treatment


R-Anticure is  versatile  and  wide  product  range  that  helps  protect  membrane  /  filtration  systems  from
fouling & scaling during operation or preservation.

Improving  water  quality  to  desired  purity  levels  is  a  constant  challenge  faced  when  developing  water  treatment technologies.  Over  the  years,  the  global  water  industry  has  seen  a  significant  increase  in  the  use  of  membranes  as  a preferred means of ensuring high water quality. Ion Exchange pioneered membrane technology in India and with over four  decades  of  extensive  experience  ensures  successful  operation  of  membrane  systems,  both  locally  and internationally.