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We have rich expertise of over half a decade, since we ventured into this business, based on which we have attained immense success in the field of manufacturing and supplying Industrial Chemicals. We offer metal?treatment chemical , stainless steel pickling & passivation , Coagulation & Flocculation Agent, Chromatising Chemicals, Acid Inhibitor, 3 in 1 Chemical Cleaners, Ultrasonic Cleaner D.U.C-2111 and Super Plasticizer. Apart from this, we also deal in , Rust Preventive Oil, Protein Hydrolysate Solution, Phosphate Conversion Coating/Seven Tank Process Chemicals and Paint Stripper,agro product Protein Hydrolysate Solution,humic acid. These are processed using highly sophisticated technologies and offered to the clients at competitive prices.

Chlorine Dioxide as in a Liquid at normal temperatures and pressures and has the chemical formula ClO2.
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♠ Sea-Food/Aqua Culture Industries
♠ Poultry Industries
♠ Swimming Pool & Spa
♠ Drinking, Process & Portable Water Treatment
♠ Soft Drink Industries
♠ Hospital & HealthCare
♠ Dairy Industries
♠ Pharma Industries

Industrial Chemicals